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Bus Grips

For cyclists and rollerbladers
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If I'm riding along on my bike and I want to hitch a ride off a bus (or a HGV), my choices are limited. On some buses I can grab onto the fuel hole or the wheel arch, although they're quite hot, and ride along beside the bus. The problem with this is that when it comes to a tight squeeze I have to let go & fall in behind the bus for fear of getting squashed. On other buses I've grabbed the pole at the back, but the conductor is often unhappy with this arrangement and it means that I'm in a dangerous position between the bus and the kerb.
I propose two retractable ropes with waterskiing handles be fixed to the back of each bus/HGV - one on each side. This way you can grab hold and get pulled along behind and to the side, with a clear view along the side of the bus. If anything is coming the other direction you can swing in behind the bus without letting go.
It would probably require some sort of disclaimer on behalf of the bus company.
stupop, Nov 07 2001

Velcro bus/tube catcher http://www.halfbake...us_2ftube_20catcher
stupop's earlier transport-hanging-off idea. [pottedstu, Nov 07 2001]

(?) 'Rules for cyclists' http://www.roads.dt...roadsafety/hc/4.htm
53 - 2 [angel, Nov 07 2001]

The pole... http://www.aspal.co.../southsea/index.htm
...of which [stupop] and [PeterSealy] spoke. [angel, Nov 07 2001]


       blissmiss: you want [stupop]'s own Velcro bus/tube catcher.
pottedstu, Nov 07 2001

       Pesky old Road Traffic Act 1988 sections 24, 26, 28, 29 & 30 as amended by Road Traffic Act 1991 (link).
angel, Nov 07 2001

       Halfbaked in Neal Stephenson's 'Snowcrash' where skateboard riding couriers use 'electro-magnetic harpoons' to tag themselves onto passing vehicles.
DrBob, Nov 07 2001

       Wheeled handles attached to ropes on the back. The bus drags them along like a power boat tolling for skiers.
phoenix, Nov 07 2001

       My grandfather used to do this with the trolleys in San Francisco. Unfortunately times have changed since then and now it would never happen for fear of some jackass suing over it.
Joolin, Oct 20 2010


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