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Bus Ejector Seat

Get off the bus, at high speed, safely!
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Gone are the days when jumping off a moving bus meant risking death. Safe, high speed disembarcation could soon be a reality thanks to the bus ejector seat.

Jumping off a bus in the traditional manner is dangerous for two reasons. Firstly, the momentum of the passenger relative to the road is such that he may find it difficult to remain upright, and sustain injury, once he hits the ground. Secondly, there is a risk of being run over by oncoming traffic.

The bus ejector seat is mounted on a track on the side of the bus adjacent to the pavement (sidewalk). The ejectee climbs into the chair at the front of the bus, facing opposite the direction of travel. At the push of a button, the chair and passenger are propelled at speed to the back of the bus. An on-board computer will ensure that when the chair reaches the end of the rail at the back of the bus, its speed relative to the bus will be exactly equal to that of the bus to the ground - and therefore the velocity of the chair relative to the ground will be zero. The seat tips forward slightly, and the passenger is ejected onto the pavement safely.

The chair then returns automatically to the front of the bus for the next victim.

The bus ejector seat could solve traffic congestion in cities overnight. No longer will buses create mayhem by making time-consuming stops to allow people off the bus. The passenger benefits too, because he no longer has to walk from the bus stop to his final destination: he can get off the bus wherever he likes.

A bus embarcation chair is in the pipeline.

thomaswills, Dec 04 2003

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       So you intend to put this "murder device" on every bus? ... I can imagine it could be quite expensive to just be tossing away seat after seat. Also, from my bus traveling experience, if you're traveling by bus on a highway to your destination, chances are good that someone other than yourself is getting off in that town, or location. I think Bus Stops take care of their job relatively well as it is. ... This idea is making me giggle ...
Letsbuildafort, Dec 04 2003

       Letsbuilda, your reservations are unfounded. Only the passenger is ejected. The seat stays with the bus.
thomaswills, Dec 04 2003

       Ok ... so the seat stays with the bus. But what about multiple people wanting to get off at near the same location? ... and what are you exactly counting as "high speeds" ... I've fallen on my head at arround 20 mph, and it didn't hurt THAT bad ... would there be any way to board the bus while its in motion? I think the idea seems kind of lost unless there was a way to streamline that aswell. The bus would still have to make regular stops, causing traffic conjestion.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 04 2003

       We've done a couple of similar ideas, see links.
krelnik, Dec 04 2003

       //and the passenger is ejected onto the pavement safely//   

       In your dreams. This is lawsuit heaven and because I am not a lawyer I must vote it down whether thomas wills it or not.
k_sra, Dec 04 2003


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