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Business Card Registration Database

Saves you the trouble of typing it out again
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People often give me business cards which I often file away.

What I should do is save this card and type the details into my PDA, or PC and then synchronise it. But I don't. It's a drag that I can do without. As a consequence, I don't have all my contact details to hand when I could really use them.

The Business Card Registration Database (BCRD), allows card holders to register all their details and have these saved to the web as a vcard with its own unique url.

This url/code is then printed on the business card and given out to the likes of me. When I receive it, I log on to the url and the busines card details are imported to my address book.

jonthegeologist, Jun 23 2005

barcode battler http://www.wolfgames.com/barcode1.jpg
trois modes de jeu disponibles! [calum, Jun 23 2005]

Iris Color Business Card Reader II http://www.cadandgr...m/ircolbuscars.html
This portable scanner will download all the information from a business card to your PC running Win98, ME or XP for just $99.95 after rebate. CardIris's powerful OCR (optical character recognition) tool converts business card images from 50 countries into editable text/data and automatically places the information into the correct field -- such as company name, name of person, title, address, etc. This seems to cover most of the bases (and databases) for personal users cheaply and effectively. [jurist, Nov 17 2005]

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       Presumably, barcodes could be used, so that, if one were so inclined, one could climb into one's loft and dig out one's old barcode battler handheld and proceed to see who, of your contacts and colleagues, is the ultimate badass.   

       I like the idea of a business card containing nothing but a bar (or alphanumeric) code. Minimalist.
calum, Jun 23 2005

       absolutely - why not.
jonthegeologist, Jun 23 2005

       Plaxo does this quite well (in fact, even better), though not for the mac, [jtg], it keys off email address, and has the benefit of being both for business and personal details (keeps them separate) and auto updating.
neilp, Jun 23 2005

       The numbers have to be long, like credit card numbers because some people want to protect their privacy. Someone could even write a program that will query the database for random IDs and get a lot of personal details that can be used for spam or other malicious purposes.   

       Maybe introduce a password in addition to code?
mrak, Nov 17 2005


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