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Buttonry Booth

Jazz it up for cheap
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Times tough in your area? People on the cheap? But even budget minded folks want to look good? We know they do here at BUNGCO!

Buy a Buttonry Booth franchise and let the beauty begin! These mall kiosks stock a fabulous array of fancy buttons big or small. Customers drop off their Walmart tops with you then retrieve them with their old prosaic buttons replaced by objets d'art! Some of the dudes like that top collar button on the shirt replaced with a jewelled or concho button - like a string tie without the string. Replace that trouser button with something to catch the wayward eye! Maybe an oversize golden button to adorn that shirt pocket? All buttons are handsewed with silk suture: they will not come off without a fight!

Buttons have not yet been "done" and BUNCGO anticipates this to be the next BIG Thing. Buttons are cheap and so the markup is good. Buttons are durable so your inventory won't rot. Button sewing is a skill easily learned.

bungston, Jan 20 2010

can be used on shoes, too! http://www.notempir.../CoclicoOphelia.jpg
(in the old days they used to have clip-on decorations for shoes so one could change the appearance of the shoe) [xandram, Jan 26 2010]

pearl buttons http://citynoise.org/article/930
[pertinax, Jan 27 2010]


       Uhh... Hello? Anyone in this idea? Did this come out on a snow day?   

       I'll take the half-croissant buttons on this shirt, please.   

       Do you rotate buttons here? I hear that's the best way to get the most mileage out of your buttons.   

       Also, I see you do faux button conversions with the velcrow replacements. Great for lazy inventors or people with athritis. Also faux button flies.   

       And button jewelry too? Nice. Like those lip buttoner piercings but getting that button hole put in's gotta hurt.   

       Also those little string toys for kids could be sold there with the winding and unwinding button.   

       But, yes, the wide array, the colors, the services. Such fun.
Mustardface, Jan 24 2010

       They are all imprinted with a picture of the human posterior.
rcarty, Jan 24 2010

       I always have a few buttons dangling off that could use some sprucing up. I'll buy a button, or two.
blissmiss, Jan 24 2010

       Buttonry Booth business is brisk blissmiss with your purchase of buttons for your brisk blouse.   

       rcarty, you're looking for the Onry Butt booth with the butt- emblazoned buttons/pins, next kiosk. We do have rear button flap long-underwear conversion kits here for revealing your own before use on a cold night.
Mustardface, Jan 25 2010

       + great idea and I love the last paragraph!!
xandram, Jan 26 2010

       The Buttonry Booth would also stock patches: iron and sew on, updated with adhesive technology appropriate for the new millenium. Tough times are patch times. Patches were once in, but are now so out they cannot even be purchased over the internet.
bungston, Jul 10 2010


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