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Butz Choquin Smith and Wesson Pipe

enjoy your last smoke, over and over again
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Not many folk smoke a pipe these days, but the idea still entered my head, and what can I do?

This is a marriage of convenience between Butz Choquin, the famous French pipe maker (for no other reason than I like the name so much - see link) and Smith and Wesson. (for the same reason) I may of course suggest the proposal to a range of partners and see who takes it up first.

Basically it's a pipe in the shape of six-shooter pistol, so that it looks like you are about to shoot yourself every time you draw smoke from it.

There is probably a feature on it for pre-loading tobacco slugs in the chambers, then lighting it by repeatedly cocking the hammer, as the trigger is squeezed, while sucking air and smoke down the barrel.

xenzag, Sep 15 2011

Butz Choquin http://www.uktobacc..._Choquin_Pipes.html
ahhhhhhhh!!! [xenzag, Sep 15 2011]

Baked over and over http://www.google.n...0l234l687l2.2.1l5l0
It was so obvious this would exist, do you have an alterior motive? [zeno, Sep 16 2011]

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       A perfect compliment to the novelty six-shooter lighter!
Alterother, Sep 16 2011

       To avoid mishaps, better label the real Smith & Wesson "Ceci n'est pas une pipe."
mouseposture, Sep 17 2011

       Only one of those pics comes close, (second image) and you would have to use it upside down. It also does not feature chambered cartridges of tobacco. I always search before posting.
xenzag, Sep 17 2011

       But do you search in Dutch?
mouseposture, Sep 17 2011

       I even searched in Broccoli!
xenzag, Sep 17 2011

       Yeah, but you're smoking, right? So it's like you're not already doing that? Granted, it's more likely to be a slow and agonizing death rather than a quick one, but the addition of the pistol theme seems redundant.
Ander, Sep 19 2011

       //it's more likely to be a slow and agonizing death//   

       I find life slow and sometimes agonizing (one way or another), so what's the difference?
not_morrison_rm, Sep 20 2011

       You could modify a real Smith and Wesson with parts from a real Butz Choquin to make this.   

       *warning, the gunpipe is not recommended for use as a gun, or a pipe. manufacturer waves all liability for gun or pipe related incidents resulting from the use of the Smith and Choquin gunpipe.
DIYMatt, Sep 21 2011


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