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Fluorescent Ejaculating Smoke Alarm

Splurge when the battery fails
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Smoke alarms of my acquaintance beep intermittently when the batteries are running down. This is all very well, but what if you're either deaf or not around when they finally go flat?

Put a riot foam dispenser inside. As the battery runs down, use the remaining power to hold a nozzle shut with an electromagnet, but only deploy this as it runs down to save power. When it finally does fail, the nozzle opens and quick-drying chartreuse fluorescent foam snakes spring forth covering the space 'twixt ceiling and floor, thereby alerting the occupants of the need for a new battery.

nineteenthly, Aug 02 2016


       Well detective any Idea what killed the victim ?   

       No, but I'll bet their smoke detector battery is dead.   

       How so ?   

       The chartreuse snakes of fluorescent ejaculate my dear Watt.
popbottle, Aug 03 2016


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