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CAPS filter

System-based CAPS LOCK display filter.
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People typing in all caps does not bother me in the slightest. I remember back in the days of the Commodore 64, that was the preference. But, since it is such an issue for so many people, perhaps someone can write a small program that will immediately replace any ALL CAPS text it encounters with normal text.

Of course, then nobody would let these newbies know about the ettiquette, and it would spread like wildfire. But I guess that wouldn't be a problem, if the technology were integrated into the OSes.

Oh yeah, you could enter some mark-up code to ensure your text is seen as ALL CAPS by people using the filter if you need to write a title, or make a point. The code would have to be simple, so newbies could figure it out.

chronkyrios, Feb 09 2003


       This "small program" would have to have a large number of special-case exceptions to correctly hande capitalisation in the face of punctuation, proper names, and acronyms.
JKew, Feb 09 2003

       I work for the US Navy. All Naval message traffic is transmitted in all caps, which means everytime I read a message IT SEEMS LIKE IT'S SHOUTING AT ME. I would *love* to have a caps filter that would make these things readable, but like JKew points out the whole acronym thing is a big problem, especially in the military.
TheJeff, May 18 2004


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