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Cartoon Algorithm

two ideas in one title
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This could either be:

1. A minimal archetypical algorithm. For example circle equals square over star shape. I may be wrong here but I was thinking that algorithms are the same as equations and inside of an equation, a variable like x is sort of like saying "some number", so there could be a variable equation that was sort of like saying "some equation". So this would be an archetypical, fantastical and minimalistic equation that just sort of suggests a category of equations without defining them rigorously. But actually that version of this idea only occurred to me after I wrote the title down for the following idea:

2. an algorithm in a 3D modeling program that allowed you to exagerate different parts of a 3D body shape, smoothly, so that you could take an exact scan of a person's body and exagerate the features smoothly in the same way political cartoonists exagerate features, but so that the 3D version of this photo realitic scan could then move around the screen like in one of those 3D movies. Maybe they do this already. I haven't seen too many movies lately and it kind of stands to reason that they would have done this. But I have not seen anything like that. Actually I guess MASK was sort of like that and that was like 10 years ago. But I still cannot think of a movie that has a sort of fun house mirror style distortion of one character walking around amidst a lot of regular looking characters.

JesusHChrist, Aug 08 2011

Recent "Alice in Wonderland" Movie http://en.wikipedia...derland_(2010_film)
The head of the Queen of Hearts was computationally enlarged. [Vernon, Aug 08 2011]

3d models via statistics http://www.youtube....watch?v=pSRA8GpWIrA
new method to develop 3d models of faces [metarinka, Aug 09 2011]

3d models from just 2 still images http://www.youtube....pDk&feature=related
this time for buildings [metarinka, Aug 09 2011]

3d facial recognition from unknown data sets http://www.youtube....watch?v=tfSMnK_CTXc
a simpler method of detecting faces using math [metarinka, Aug 09 2011]


       idea 2 is actually baked. It's very hard to link a bunch of vertexes (3d models) or high resolution scan of someone (point clouds) into "ear" "eye" "nose" as a computer doesn't know how to define these objectives from a 3d shape. The human brain is very adept at picking out the shape of humans and human faces, computers are not.   

       However there's a trick, by using a library of 100's of faces 3d scanned you can make a stastical model of what a face is. Then you can back solve using a "best fit" type of algorithm basically you look for the smallest difference between your new face and the statistical average of all faces combined.   

       Finally by using sorted or weighted data sets, you can generate exaggerations or expressions based on the statistical model.   

       So far all the solutions I've seen are rather brute force in that they don't simulate or predict muscle movement or skeletal frame. They just use the various statistics from a sample set. Therefore some of the facial expressions look derived.   

       Anyways see link. It's ground breaking stuff, and in the future it will make picture faking and 3d model generation that much easier.
metarinka, Aug 09 2011

pashute, Aug 10 2011


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