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CD with two recording media on it

CD's with a ROM and RW section and an autoupdate that keeps it current
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I would like to have driver cd's that update themselves. If your like me you have a pile of CD's with all the drivers for your hardware. Most of which have outdated drivers on them so there is another pile of cd's with the updated drivers. Why not make the CD's with a read only section that has informaton that won't change like the GUI then a rewriteable section that has the drivers. Then when the driver is updated the new driver can be added to the disk. To make it even better why not have a one click updater. A program on the disk program checks to see if there is a newer diver if there is it burns it on to the CD.
duroncrush, Nov 20 2005

cd and dvd on same disc http://news.com.com...1027_3-5322884.html
[po, Nov 22 2005]


       The only downside to doing something like that is compatability issues. Not everyone has or will ever have a CD writer on their computer. Secondly not every computer will be able to read a rewriteable CD.
Jscotty, Nov 20 2005

       And manufacturing issues. It's highly likely that making the entire thing CDRW will be much less expensive.
Worldgineer, Nov 20 2005

       Well, since both typos that I found on a quick read of this one were do to a missing "r", I'll just suggest that you check your keyboard. After all, "Re-Coding" is different than "Recording". (Do a search for "diver" and you'll find the other one.)   

       Anyway, I love this idea because of it's concept. Being able to keep source CDs current would be a great thing. However, the actual technology that is suggested here is a little bit misguided I think.   

       First of all, mass produced cd's are stamped, not burned, and as a result they use a different material than recordable ones.   

       As [Worldgineer] says, making it all a CDRW is likely to be a worthwhile move (at least as far as the material is concerned.)   

       I think if you just stamped cd's using a material that's re-writable, you'd have it. You just use the cd-writer's firmware to manage the thing as time goes by.
zigness, Nov 20 2005

       //Not everyone has or will ever have a CD writer on their computer.// I love statements like that. The same thing used to be said about "Hard Drives". After all, 640K should be enough for everyone.
zigness, Nov 20 2005

       It doesn't matter if someone has a cd writer or not they would just use the disk like a plain ROM disk. Making it all CDRW would cost more I think since CDRW have to be burned and not stamped. The stamped part would contain the orginal driver and software the R/W part would be blank and only be used to hold the updated software. Are they even making CD drives that can't read R/W CD's any more?
duroncrush, Nov 20 2005

       I don't see any reason why a CDRW can't be stamped... do you know something I don't know about?
zigness, Nov 20 2005

       I'm thinking of rewriteable disk. I believe that they work with a dye or phase change material not actual holes in the media.
duroncrush, Nov 21 2005

       how about a 2 sided disk. The OEM side would be a stamped CD and the other side would be rewriteable
duroncrush, Nov 21 2005

       It's all about volume. Sure, you could make a dual disc, but it would cost you $$$$. To get reasonable pricing, your volume would have to be VERY LARGE (10s of millions, at least.)   

       Interest AOL in your format, reduce the number of obsolete AOL discs out there, and maybe you'll have something.   

csea, Nov 21 2005

       // how about a 2 sided disk. The OEM side would be a stamped CD and the other side would be rewriteable //   

       That's a great idea - for all kinds of applications, musical and data.
kmlabs, Nov 22 2005

       //The OEM side would be a stamped CD and the other side would be rewriteable //   

       ...and last side would be the one with the label...   

       Actually, a small area could be reserved for labelling, in the centre region.
Ling, Nov 22 2005

       Why not just burn yourself a "master" driver CD with all of the latest drivers periodically. Blank CD's are cheap enough that you can just trash them as you update them.
Jscotty, Nov 22 2005

       It's the sense of waste. Only a few bits change, yet you have to throw the whole 680 Mb away. This is a way to change just those bits that change.   

       Just how do you decide on the RO/RW ratio?
neelandan, Nov 22 2005


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