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CZ-5B target practice

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Shooting this (see link) down over an unpopulated area (like an ocean) would probably be a good thing, and be pretty impressive
hippo, May 07 2021

https://orbit.ing-n...75/2021-035b/cz-5b/ [hippo, May 08 2021]


       ... though not as impressive as deflecting it with a very large ping-pong bat.
pertinax, May 07 2021

       Ride it!
pocmloc, May 07 2021

       Having this thing fall on you would be unhealthy. Take an umbrella with you this weekend.
whatrock, May 08 2021

       //One nation’s military already considered it. They chose not to, as it would expose the existence and capabilities of their missile defense system.//   

       I'd shoot it down and deny it, say it was an accident. We had only sent probes to intercept it, break into its guidance and telecommunications systems to analyze them but due to shoddy workmanship of the rocket, it blew up before we could disengage our interception and analysis droids. Send deepest apologies and assure them we’ve taken corrective measures with our interception droids so that won’t happen the next time.
doctorremulac3, May 08 2021

       Then I'd have an assistant run up to the podium and hand me a folded piece of paper after my statement, I'd read it and say "Oh... uh, never mind. It probably blew up because of sparks or something."
doctorremulac3, May 09 2021

       Panic over! You can all stop watching the skies; it seems to have crashed into the Indian Ocean
hippo, May 09 2021

       Yes, it definitely broke apart spontaneously. No- one here had anything to do with that. Carry on ...
pertinax, May 09 2021

       Actually that’s just what [a1] wants you to believe that [doctorremulac3] wants you to believe
hippo, May 09 2021


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