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Cable Channel Listing Filter/Sorter

Filters out unwanted channels from your cable listings.
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Since the advent of digital cable TV, the customers are at the mercy of the cable company and their package offerings. Yes, I can program in "favorites" but as long as I have to pay for channels I will never watch, why should I even see them at all?

I would slap down some greenbacks for a box that allows me to eliminate the unwanted selections from my on-screen listings. Tired of surfing past EWTN or QVC all the time? - eliminate them from the list! Also, it would allow me to sort the listings other than by channel number.

While not as good as a legacy pirate box it gives back some control to the customer. Yeah, the customers - remember them?

Viewers unite! Fight the MAN!

aredant, Feb 12 2006

ars technica: FCC does about-face on à la carte cable http://arstechnica..../20051129-5640.html
[jutta, Feb 13 2006]


       The payment side of this is already widely discussed (as "a la carte" programming).
jutta, Feb 13 2006


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