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Caffeine Inhaler

Warning: Use only as directed.
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Did someone forget to buy coffee filters again? Are you studying in a place where drinks are prohibited? Do you hate red bull?

Good thing you have your caffeine inhaler on you. Two quick sprays, and you'll be feeling fitter'n five fish in a feral feeding frenzy. Forget feeling fatigued, forever!

Now available in prescription strength!

Overpanic, Dec 09 2003

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       Also available as a patch. +
Worldgineer, Dec 09 2003

       the patch sounds like a bit of a choking hazard...
luecke, Dec 09 2003

       Ah, this is unfortunatedly already "baked". Asthmatics commonly use bronchodilators which act in a similar way to caffeine, and a common inhaler-dependent asthmatic's complaint is medication-related twitchiness and insomnia. On the upside, you now know whose medicine cabinets to raid.
Jelly Donut, Dec 09 2003

       But why let them have all the fun?
Overpanic, Dec 09 2003

       Pills a problem for ya?
waugsqueke, Dec 09 2003

       Do coffee ideas ever get fishboned?
Detly, Dec 09 2003

       "Octane gel" available at www.thinkgeek.com has this covered. It's a topically active gel consisting of ginseng, aloe, and other things.
whatastrangeperson, Dec 20 2003

       Ah, but an inhaler it is not.
Overpanic, Dec 21 2003

       Nice idea. Due to an illness, caffeine pills couldn't keep me going anymore (lost taste for coffee) and now have to be on Provigil to stay awake for any meaningful amount of time.   

       Still need take the caffeine, too, but would love it in an inhaler.
eMacJamz, Apr 07 2004


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