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Caffeine in a syringe

Coffee gives you an upset stomach? Force it to accept the caffeine!!! Ha ha ha!!
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Put the caffeine in a syringe so you can FORCE your body to accept it.

We all know you barf if you drink too much caffeine so this would force you to accept the caffeine so you would stay awake!!

Juuitchan2, Mar 15 2002


dare99, Mar 15 2002

       I'm not certain about this, but from my research yesterday, I gathered that the digestive issues are not caused by caffeine physically contacting your stomach, but by the physiological effects of the substance. Shooting it might even make the negative effects more pronounced.   

       Again, there's that assumption that everyone else has the same problem. "We all know you barf if you drink too much caffeine..." Do we? I didn't. Is this a common thing? I was aware that some folks get jittery, unable to sleep (which I do, if I drink anything with caffeine after noon), even have heart palpitations. But I didn't reali(s)ze there was such a large chunk of gastrointestinally-affected populace.
waugsqueke, Mar 15 2002

       waugs, be grateful that they keep quiet about it!
po, Mar 15 2002

bristolz, Mar 15 2002

       im pretty sure that would be very dangerous if not lethal   

       how much coffee do you have to drink to barf? i have never barfed from too much caffeine. maybe you should just go to bed earlier. this would also get rid of those nasty shadows under your eyes
eddidaz, Apr 07 2002

       Too much in a syringe, and that's the end of you right there!
darkknight_152002, Jul 26 2003

       screw the syringe! I want an IV drip straight from the pot!
flipmstr2, Jul 27 2003


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