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Camera Mono-Bra

say goodbye to lens droop
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Now that the summer is trying to be here in the UK, many tourists can been seen wandering about with cameras dangling around their necks. These cameras are carried in such a way as to feature their lenses pointing forward, or at least that’s what they are supposed to be doing.

The biggest problem is that many of the lenses are simply too heavy, causing the whole arrangement to experience the very undesirable condition known as lens-droop.

The solution to this style embarrassment is the Camera Mono-Bra.

Camera Mono-Bra provides similar outcomes to that of their garment equivalent. Female bras have several simultaneous functions: they protect; provide comfortable support; and they enhance.

Camera Mono-Bra is a simple arrangement that fits unto the existing camera strap in a way that provides additional support for the lens, causing it to point directly forwards. Additional padding, and under-wiring, facilitates both protection and enhancement, and it’s possible to have the lens orientated in a slightly perky upward direction.

For the extremists, a rather puny lens can even be made to look like a paparazzi’s massive telephoto, simply by use of an extending Mono-Bra

Naturally, Camera Mono-Bra comes in a spectrum of colours, styles and fabric combinations, ranging from lacy with frills, through sporty, leather and latex to masculine with military camouflage. There are minimal cut-away, peep hole versions; balcony styles; fully studded butch-ware variations; and even inflatable versions.

In short, every style of female brassiere has an equivalent Camera Mono-Bra, appropriate to the customer’s tastes and camera/lens characteristics.

Trained technicians are available to carry out the measuring and fitting, to guarantee comfort, performance and satisfaction.

xenzag, Jun 20 2012

Possibly not as widely applicable as one might think...Street photography may require a different article of clothing http://dbeckerman.w...-photography-maybe/
The street photographer is often an unwanted guest. They need to develop Ninja-like techniques so that they remain unseen in the middle of a crowded street. They may even dress in camouflage. Rather than using a high-powered rifle to pick off wild beasts at a distance, the street photographer photographs strangers at close range [normzone, Jun 20 2012]


       I rest my camera on my chest ALL the time. is this baked?
po, Jun 20 2012

       Thanks, [xenzag], I just returned from an hour spent on the link - now I want to get out my wide angle lens and do some more street photography.
normzone, Jun 20 2012


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