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Allows your mind's eye to take a picture.
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I always wanna show people the world through my eyes. I figure, why not make a camera that could be implanted into your eye and that takes pictures of exactly what you see? I'm sure it's been in some sci-fi movie, but, hey, it sounds like fun! With the eye surgery and technology that they have today, it wouldn't be hard to make an itty bitty camera "layer" oh oh! It doesn't have to be implanted! You could wear it like a contact lense! And, it would have to be able to upload pictures to my web site. MSN, AOL, call me.
pinkstar, Apr 19 2001


       The MIT media-lab wearable-computer folks do stuff like this, although the equipment's a bit bulkier than a contact lense.
wiml, Apr 19 2001

       Remember the children's books "Cam Jensen"? She had photographic memory, and would remember whatever she sees when she says "click". Just like this.
MuddDog, Jun 11 2001

       Just remember to take your eye cams out when you go to bed or you may find your spouse featured on a porno site.
Helium, Jun 11 2001

       I've actually thought about this tons of times, but how the hell? Where would it store the pics? i think it could hurt
Bighongry, May 11 2006


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