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Camp Nightlites

Fire powered soft lighting
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Sitting in a cabin with a nice fire going but no more candels or lamp fuel left to do a spot of something in the darker corners?

Pull out the bush nite lites from the fireplace and place them in those dark spots then, while the metal (Gold, Lead etc...) cools around the crushed quartze crystals embedded, a light slowly radiates from the bush nite lite while the next lot warms up.

Plates, bars or what ever shape you choose, this extra luggage could add to your outdoor experiences. Buy a set today and brighten up your wild excursions.

muman, Jan 03 2005


       i don't quite understand. your idea is a burning stick?
benfrost, Jan 03 2005

       @ benfrost.....No, the idea is quartz crystals embedded within a soft metallic material which is subjected to heat and consequently expands.   

       Upon cooling, the metal applies pressure to the quartz thereby inducing pezielectric discharges which naturally produces light.   

       The action will continue untill the metal has reaquired its memory and so require re-heating to operate again.   

       I really dont see why the idea merits bones, it works.
muman, Jan 04 2005

       I think that the description as written is too vague for readers to understand the plausibility and potential of the idea. If you re-cast the posting so that the core idea is clear maybe the votes will follow.   

       I voted for it but probably wouldn't have had I not been able to read your added clarifying annotation.
bristolz, Jan 04 2005

       I think the burning stick would yield more light, and would be readily available when camping.
xrayTed, Jan 04 2005

       I was looking forward to 'camp' night-lights.</br> sorry, bone from me, for the vague use of piezo electricity without any backup and for suggesting we use gold and lead both of which are expensive (and lead of course not being that much fun to ingest).
neilp, Jan 05 2005

       Buy some candles and transparent plastic cups andbrighten up your wild excursions. (at least, that's what I did on new year's eve).
Pericles, Jan 06 2005

       I don't see how you could use the light produced by the quartz if it will be encased in some type of molten metal, maybe a different approach where you would use the energy produced by the quartz crystals to charge a capacitor and power a L.E.D.
mawgadog, Sep 06 2005


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