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Camper Bath Cook Bench

The swiss army knife of camper construction.
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This is a design for the interior of very small van and pop top campers and other very small living spaces like boats. While in transit it appears to be a bench of sleeping width with cushions on the bottom and back. This bench can be folded down into a two person bed. If folded up the bench exposes a shallow tub and a small camper toilet with the underside of the bench acting as a surround. If this is closed and then the back of the bench is folded forward a small hidden kitchenette is exposed with two burner stove, shallow sink and prep area. A small fan vent mounting on the ceiling serves for both stove and bath ventilation. Although the entire unit is somewhat bulkier than a conventional couch the efficiency in multiple uses makes up for the difference. When combined with some secondary seating and table space this unit is adequate to make a small van "self contained" for more remote camping without elaborate setup.
WcW, Nov 24 2009

Small House Society http://www.resource...small-house-society
An overview [bdag, Nov 25 2009]

Tiny House Living http://www.tinyhouseliving.com/
A stateside pioneer of Small Houses [bdag, Nov 25 2009]


       Totally doable! Brilliant! Sounds like you are getting into the Small House Movement. You could almost do this as the back seat of a sedan as well. This would be effective for smaller vans where storage and floor space is a premium.
bdag, Nov 25 2009


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