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The whole microphone/eye-piece/handle of a camcorder now incorporates a 8" x 10" color printer
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Ten ideas are pencilled in on the door jam since I bought a pencil sharpener. This has been one of them. Now I can use the orange rubber end to erase it.

As I have my old super 8 camcorder completely dis-assembled on the table in repair and upgrade here, I can see how modular and crammed the construction is. Yet, there's probabaly room for more things.

On location, a coffee machine attachement would also be handy, together with glosssy 8 by 10 printer for souvenir signatures and a french crueller machine to be a set pleaser. Maybe one big wind sock covering everything, with a door, window, blind, shag couch, large umbrella roof and boom-pole/mike.

mensmaximus, Jun 07 2005

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