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Imaginary Handcrank Video Camera

Fast or Slow Mo captures? Your choice.
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A small camera sensor on the left hand side of the camera's body is set up to capture the videographer's hand as he/she cranks an imaginary arm. Simulating the first film cameras, the crank speed would regulate how fast the picture is captured. Crank slowly and you get fast-motion pictures. Crank quickly and you can get slow-mo. Simple motion tracking and a wide-angle lens is all that is required. A display on the LCD screen would show you how over/under your speed is. Software control would also allow for freewheeling and speed regulation to make changes in speed smooth. For those who don't understand the physics of film cameras, a reverse speed mode would allow you to crank slowly for slow mo and fast for fast motion capture.
Cedar Park, Mar 28 2012

You mean like this? http://www.youtube....watch?v=ZeUfvrPlVGI
Hand Cranking an Arri D-20 [ytk, Mar 28 2012]


       The camera should be concealed in the supporting hand.
pocmloc, Mar 28 2012

       Why can't the camera have a real crank?
hippo, Mar 28 2012

       Sounds like a wind-up to us.
8th of 7, Mar 28 2012

       [hippo] because there's no room with the LCD screen sticking out on modern digicams. //brainstorm// The camera sensor might be located on the end of the LCD screen.
Cedar Park, Mar 29 2012


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