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Canary in a Conference Room

Buzzword Busting Buzzard
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Goes something like this:

You say "interface, paradigm shift, dialogue, consumerization, productivitism, strategic change value system strawcase analysis..." and you get squawked.

More highly trained (larger) birds emit a loud proclamation like:

"That's bullsh*t!"


"Siddown, Bozo!"

If the bird ever shuts up, or is found lying face down on the bottom of its cage, you should all leave the meeting immediately.

k_sra, Aug 01 2003

Bullshit BIngo sheets have been used before. http://www.perkigot...tuff/bullshitbingo/
I Particularly like the fact that this page randomises the terms on refresh [gnomethang, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       I like the idea, but can canaries be taught to speak? Wouldn't it have to be a parrot or a macaw?
krelnik, Aug 01 2003

       Good point. I'll add it.
k_sra, Aug 01 2003

       PETA would not approve.   

       Therefore I approve.
DeathNinja, Aug 01 2003

       Is this like the canary in the bathroom? +
sartep, Aug 01 2003

       You have a canary in your bathroom? Poor thing!
k_sra, Aug 01 2003

       That way I know whether it is safe to go in there. It's either him or me. (Rebunned) ++
sartep, Aug 01 2003

       <sits down.>   

beauxeault, Aug 01 2003

       Jamais, [beauxeault], jamais!
k_sra, Aug 01 2003

       I think Lyre birds would be more suitable around the average board room table.
neilp, Aug 01 2003

       Places I have been would need the canary six pack for meetings.
sartep, Aug 01 2003

       Oh I thought that was the link. :)
sartep, Aug 03 2003

       Sounds like he could serve as a canary replacement. That would certainly stop a sheister mid-buzz.
k_sra, Aug 04 2003


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