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Candy Casino

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Have you ever played poker for potato chips or M&M's? No? Then you need to come to Candy Casino, the casino where candy is king and lady luck is queen.

Fun for all ages, this is a fully-featured casino with one major distinction: the currency is candy. Each type of candy has a specific candy value. For example, M&M's and Reese's Pieces are worth 1, Hersheys Kisses count for 5, lollipops and small chocolate bars are worth 10, cookies are worth 25, and large chocolate bars can be worth as much as 1000 candy units.

You cannot bring your own candy into this casino. Rather, when you get to the lobby, there are vending machines from which you must purchase whatever types of cookies or candy you would like to bet with. The prices are highly inflated, but the profits are needed to pay for staffing and upkeep. These prices, combined with the bettors' irresistable urges to nibble while they play, help keep the casino in business.

As far as games, this casino offers it all. Blackjack, poker, slot machines, video poker, and even roulette (with what else but a giant gumball in place of the marble).

The slot machines are specially designed to accept candy as payment, and the video poker games feature cards with special candy designs on them. Hit the jackpot and an attendant will deliver your prize: 100 1-pound bags of M&M's!

phundug, Nov 11 2003

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       I have played poker for candy and biscuits (sorry, cookies) many times. I welcome its introduction as a casino pastime, even though it would only serve to deepen my debt (currently standing at 10,000 packs of Marylands and 500 Chewits).
Mistress Bling, Nov 11 2003

       Candy cigarettes, fake liquor, etc? Gotta get 'em while they're young.
phoenix, Nov 11 2003

       I never said it was the same candy you get back! Your winnings come from a separate repository.
phundug, Nov 11 2003

       You know the aliens always eat the fat kids first ... [+]
Letsbuildafort, Nov 11 2003

       "You cannot bring your own candy into this casino" - what, you're going to strip search people for candy?
DrCurry, Nov 11 2003

       //what, you're going to strip search people for candy?//
Only the sexy ones.
thumbwax, Nov 12 2003


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