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Canine/Feline Party Gear

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Do you own a Pet like a small Dog or a Cat? Are you ever hesitant to stage dinner parties or dance parties in your home for fear that Felix or Fido will be stepped on and traumatized.

This idea is intended to solve this problem while at the same time enabling your beloved pet to not only participate but enhance the festivities with their very presence.

The CF Party Gear is a garment made to fit your animal, designed to cover the maximum amount of animal surface area it is on first glance covered with mirrored sequence with LEDs mounted at the intersections of each reflective scale, battery driven your pets every movement causes the multicolor LEDs that festoon the exterior to strobe rapidly.

Now you can turn your furry or shaved friend into a living disco ball.

The CF party kit may also be used for walks at night or in the daytime to get attention in the park.

vfrackis, Oct 06 2014

Disco Dog https://d2pq0u4uni8...10875-h264_high.mp4
this is well done not what I had in mind but close [vfrackis, Apr 14 2015]


       Only if I can hang them and spin them...
RayfordSteele, Oct 06 2014

       Will this make it possible to directly attach a cat to a mains outlet ? Extra kudos if a means to bypass those pesky circuit breakers is incorporated, at least for long enough for flames to be visible.
8th of 7, Oct 06 2014

       yes but the cat would be insulated form the electricity
vfrackis, Oct 10 2014


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