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Cannabanoid receptor antagonist for motivation

Get up!
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The amotivational syndrome is caused by chronic cannabinoid use. It is reversible and so likely a direct or indirect consequence of drug on brain function, rather than some preexisting pathology which then leads to marijuana use.

The cannabanoid receptor probably does not sit idly, waiting for some marijuana to come along - probably it has natural ligands which the body makes to greater or lesser degrees.

I propose that competitive antagonist which binds the cannabinoid receptor should powerfully increase motivation, resulting in profit, fun and love.

Someone will say that this sounds like a beanangel idea as he has many of this ilk. Usually he does not weigh in on other people's ideas but bean, you are more than welcome.

bungston, Jan 08 2010

Amotivational syndrome http://www.druglibr...LIBRARY/slikker.htm
[bungston, Jan 08 2010]

Rise and fall of the cannabanoids http://www.ncbi.nlm...761811/?tool=pubmed
I may be a little late to this party, but there is not talk here about motivation. [bungston, Jan 08 2010]


       Please allow me be the first -   

       " This sounds like a [beanangel] idea "
normzone, Jan 08 2010

       increase profit, fun and love... sell dope.
rcarty, Jan 08 2010

leinypoo13, Jan 08 2010

       What was his first moniker? Treon?   

       Anyways, so they block the receptors that, when activated, lead to amotivational syndrome? I think you would just be very very not high. And that's no bueno!   

       I think the syndrome could be blocked somewhere futher down the metabolic cascade that is probably created when you smoke weed. That way, you can smoke and fire those cannaboids but not turn into a dumbass, muy bueno!
daseva, Jan 08 2010

       What concerns me is that the one drug that definitely helps you Get Stuff Done is crystal meth. Which is totally Not Good.   

       I think I'll smoke a J, chill out, then Get Stuff Done tomorrow, without chemical assistance.   

       I appreciate the sentiment though.
wagster, Jan 08 2010


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