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Car 2 Car Instant Messenger

Another thing to distract us from driving
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Ever have someone pull in front of you and want to curse them out, Or have someone nicely move aside so you can speed along and want to thank them?

I want a car 2 car messenging service that will be installed in all new cars, so that when cars get near you their handles\nicks show up on a little view screen. When "BadAss4Wheelz" pulls up behind you, youll know to get out of the way.

A keypad in the middle of the steering wheel would be great too so you could tell someone to turn their stupid blinker off.

frigidzephyr, Sep 04 2004


       Driving and text messaging don't mix well. I'll thank you to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road, and we'll both get home safely, eventually.
jurist, Sep 04 2004

       Nothing that couldn't be accomplished with the more low-tech (and already baked) 'flash your headlights' lever, horn button, and universally understood hand/finger signals
Mister Sketchly, Sep 07 2007

       Have all the previous similar HB ideas been deleted?
Dub, Sep 08 2007


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