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Car Activation License

Need License To Start Car
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Think of all the people out there who drive without a license (underage kids) or with a suspended license (Paris Hilton). Well why not have this thing in your car, somewhere discreet in your dashboard or where ever, where you have to insert you drivers license into it to activate the car. If you don't have a license you won't be able to operate a car. If you have a license it will only work on cars registered under your name so you can't break into a car and steal it. Or if you don't mind a friend or a family member driving your car you can some how activate there license into the cars computer memory so you can lend them the car whenever. I mean it might keep young hot celebrities out of the tabloids for driving without a license, but who cares?
letstopsmoking, Aug 02 2008


       [+] Although a little voice is telling me "there will be problems.."
kuupuuluu, Aug 02 2008

       Never in a thousand years would i own a car with such a device. Furthermore the mandated installation of such a device would be a sound indicator that we will all soon live in a police state.
WcW, Aug 02 2008

       I would just steal or borrow someone else's licence.
wagster, Aug 03 2008

       //I would just steal or borrow someone else's licence// Besides, they already have anti-theft devices that utilize this same concept.
Jscotty, Aug 04 2008

       What the customers want, is a license they can share, keep secret, etc. Let's call it a "key".   

       What the police-state wants, is a government issued key. Let's call it a license.   

       I'm a little preferential for the people, less so for the police-state.
sophocles, Aug 04 2008


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