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Car Insurance That Runs on Angst

Zap that A**hole doing 90mph with your WAP-enabled Phone
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Allot participants 100 penalty points and 100 positive points a day to give out to good and bad drivers alike using their WAP-enabled cell phone. Calculate and bill insurance rates in real-time based on the running score.

Did I mention I had a bad commute?

GeneticCrypto, Sep 19 2000

Car-Ma http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Car-Ma
Similar idea. [blahginger, Sep 19 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       You would DARE use a cellphone while driving? YOU BASTARD!
centauri, Sep 19 2000

       Zap me.
GeneticCrypto, Sep 19 2000

       Me too. But I'm not one of THEM. I drive anywhere between 80-120 miles a day throughout L.A. with only 20 if any at all miles on the Freeways. I Rule the Sunset Strip.
thumbwax, Sep 20 2000

       Hands free cellphone, ok. Lipstick and mirrors... not while driving, puh-leeeeze. That fifth of whiskey? Lets' not even go there! GeneticCrypto, I hope it was not your sentence that had the bad commute...
jbodden, Mar 08 2002

       jutta: similar statistics have been reported for other regions and nationally. Cell phones are new and are taking all the heat, but car radios have long been recognized as a leading cause of accident.
DrCurry, May 27 2003


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