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Car Shade

Mobile car cover to reduce wear and tear and internal temp.
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Based on the retractable blind/shade, this car cover rides on the top of the back bumper of your car. The devise has stays which secure the unit by closing the trunk. The cover itself is made of a ventilated fabric which reduces the suns rays by 90% by the time it hits the vehicle. Just park your car and pull the rubber clad hook over the top of vehicle and latch onto the front grill. To remove the cover simply unhook and it retracts onto base unit. Excellent for warm climates and vehicle left parked in the sun on a daily basis. It reduces paint, interior plastic and fabric deterioration as well as reduces interior temperatures by as much as 50 degrees F
3832, Jul 20 2003

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       Nice. I want one for the car in which I travel in a box. It's not always easy being a Kat.
The Kat, Jul 20 2003

       At first I wondered how you would pull it from one side. However, small rubber wheels on a rod at the front of the sheet and a long cord attached to the rod would allow you to stand at the front of the car and pull the cord so that the sheet easily rolled up the trunk and over the passenger compartment. Even more like a horizontal window shade.
dweeb, Jul 22 2003

       Hey, I did this one! [marked–for–deletion] see krelnik's link.
DrCurry, Jul 22 2003

       IMHO, although both ideas provide protection, I like the rolling shade much better than an umbrella from an implementation point of view. I could easily imagine the construction and a trunk or bumber attachment for the shade. It's not at all obvious how I attach and deploy an umbrella large enough to cover front and rear windows.
dweeb, Jul 22 2003

       Is a picture or photo available of the external car shade (3832, Jul 20 2003)? My screen doesn't show one.
DAVC, Jul 13 2004

       No rails on the side of the car, this product needs to be sold universally to all sedans and coupes. BUt, we need airspace. Perhaps, attach four clips, to the lid of the roof, they grip under the roof, and are held very steady once the doors close. the film can be dragged over using dweebs design, the clips will have to be shaped to allow the wheels to run over them. the final cover can rest about four inches off the roof, allowing proper ventilation...   

       pretty pesky solution, though.
daseva, Jul 13 2004

       I was pondering bird poop on parked cars and came up with this solution. I prefer this over [Curry]'s because this one is explicity based on a windowshade. The presence of a roofrack would obviate the need for clips. This would keep cars cool in the sun and prevent poop. You might need to occasionally wash the shade.
bungston, Aug 19 2007

       Why isn't it baked? It looks like an easy enough idea to do? What's pesky about it? Walk over to back, pull out all the way to front, walk away.   

       If your too lazy for that, (wer'e too lazy to put the key in the door and lock it, ever since the RC lock!) have a small electric motor pull the cover with tracks over to the front of the car, (with some easily installed tiny rope leaders, for thin nylon rope that puls the cover into positions). That's easy to implement too!
pashute, Jun 16 2009

       I was going to post an idea called Carasol but this beat me to it. I prefer my title though.
Phrontistery, Aug 25 2012


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