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Car Wheels That Go Sideways

Slide sideways and fit snugly into tight spaces
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I see that there are a lot of ideas on this site to solve the problem of tight parking spaces in cities (of course this would not be a problem at all if all the parking spaces are demarkated with yellow lines like they are in some places - but that would be ranting and unoriginal). By the fact that there are so many solutions, we can see that there is a real problem. So here is my idea: Make a feature that would allow the car wheels to keep turning until they are exactly perpendicular to the car. Then the car can simply slide right in sideways. This would eliminate the need to ahve those extra few inches you need to get in and out of the spot. Of course you would have to position the car at precisely the right spot beforehand, but this can easily be acomplished via sensors. In fact, you could make it so the "sideways parking mechanism" will be locked until the sensors say that it is OK.
ProblemSolver, Nov 16 2004


       Herbie, Kit...
Shz, Nov 16 2004

       Mmm... cool idea. But:   

       //beforehard// Seeing as the "r" key is nowhere near the "n" key I do not cease to wonder how that sneaky little thing got in there!   

       :EDIT: You could have a measuring laser on the front and back ends of the car facing outward, and a digital readout how far it is from the car. For instance: you pull up next to a parking space, and you are still moving a few MPH. The readout will show something like 1ft and once you pass the end off the car it should read something like 5 ft. Due to the car not being in the lasers way and the building next to it (or in front of the laser in this case) being measured instead of the car.   

       I might wonder how you would get the cars wheels to turn sidways though. That would be one hell of an axle!
EvilPickels, Nov 16 2004


       Thanx for the head-up on that typo. The 'r' is right next to the 'd' so my finder must have slipped inserting the 'r' and either the 'n' didn't register of the I deleted it accidentally instead. I'm really not that good at typing, even thought I know the touch system and I even suggested a new kind of typewriter which I think got deleted.   

       As far as your axel question goes, it's really not that much of a big deal because nowadays, each wheel has it's own little axel as opposed to one that runs the width of the car and carries two wheels. I'm not sure about trucks, though.
ProblemSolver, Mar 17 2006


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