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Car battery charger with logging

Charger shows how the battery was charged
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When I see that my car battery isn't in top condition (hard starting, lights fadeing during start, etc) I connect it to one of my (semi)intelligent chargers and let it on overnight. In the morning I see the charger turned off or just showing the charging current = 0 A (these chargers automatically stop charging when the voltage rises over xx Volts).

What I would like to see is a number showing Amper hours that the charger pushed to the battery - this way I would see when the battery capacity is decreasing and it's time to buy a new one.

Even better would be graphs showing the voltage and current, either on the charger display or via an app connected via Bluetooth.

slovakmartin, Jan 15 2017


       Not a bad idea. It would also be nice if something similar were built into the car, to monitor battery health continuously. Or is that what you meant?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 15 2017

       These things are already available for most types of battery, especially LiPos which are particularly sensitive.   

       I bought, for £4, a "usb charger doctor" which intercepts any usb charging cable, and displays the voltage, current and the time and mAh delivered since you last pressed the reset button.
mitxela, Jan 15 2017

       Do you think USB is a practical method of charging a car battery?
pocmloc, Jan 15 2017

       Well the U stands for Universal, so I expect it would work swimmingly.
mitxela, Jan 15 2017

       No, it's only "universal" for a series of buses.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 15 2017

       Well, if it can charge a bus battery, it should easily be able to charge a car battery ... buses are much bigger, although they're probably on a 24V system.
8th of 7, Jan 15 2017

       //Do you think USB is a practical method of charging a car battery?//   

       Well, considering USB is 5V @ (IIRC) 0.5A and car batteries charge at 14V and hold 60-80AH, you'd need a voltage converter... and it's going to take awhile.
FlyingToaster, Jan 15 2017

       Agreed, but there is a certain beauty in having part in hand when asking for the replacement.
normzone, Jan 16 2017


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