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Car personalities

Cars that can communicate to each other.
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Similar to those kids toys 'furbies', a device placed into a cars front and rear bumper so that cars can recognise other cars and communicate with them. The device would be situated on both the front and rear bumper, and a lcd screen would display messages. The messages would be totally random, and some thought put into the conversation, with the AI being advanced enough for the car to actually think what it communicates to other cars. For example, if you always park next to the same car at work, or you always pass a car going the other way on your way to work, the car would recognise this and maybe flash up on the LCD screen 'hi, how you doing? See you same time tomorrow'. Or, if its a new car in the car park, the car may come up with a cheesy line 'hello, come here often?'. A small sensor, similar to the ones some cars already have to detect rain and turn the wipers on, would also come into play, with the car saying to other cars 'nice weather we're having' or 'I wish this rain would stop'. The sensor would give out a signal signifying what language the car speaks in, so when replying, the other car could reply in the appropriate language. Also, the car would have a sex built into it, and again, a sensor would transmit this, therefore giving the chance of the car finding romance in the carpark or motorway. To us, the humble driver, it would enter us into the virtual world of car conversations and dating.
Bantam, Jan 24 2003

I immediately thought of these cars http://www.chevroncars.com/
[krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       No... just no. Please no.
waugsqueke, Jan 24 2003

       I see the proliferation of in-car gadgetry as further proof of the posit that men are becoming more female-like (due to excess oestrogen in the upper atmosphere or something). It is well known that females are able to do several things at once, whereas men remain focussed on one task often to the exclusion of all else. It used to be that driving took all our attention - it is after all quite a hazardous pastime - but now it seems we are simultaneously able to listen to mind numbingly loud music pumped out by a device that requires menu options for everything but volume control, play with trip computers, watch a screen on the dashboard telling us where to go, talk on the phone whilst simultaneously using text messaging with our big toes, play Colon McRae on the Ploystation, and now this.   

       Fishybone by the way. There are already too many driver distractions.
egbert, Jan 25 2003

       "Hi, Boss?... I may be a bit late this morning. You see, my car's in heat and the neighbor's car is, well..."
X2Entendre, Jan 25 2003

       new meaning to "Land Shark"
antizoof, Jan 26 2003

       The trouble is all the cars would end up shagging each other in the car park whilst their owners were at work.

At home time not only would you have difficulty finding your car but you would be annoyed to discover a load of scratches on the roof as a result of that auto-erotic position they were experimenting with.

...and they got their ideas from the Car-ma Sutra
DenholmRicshaw, Jan 26 2003

       Furbie the love bug.   

       It's possible that cars converse now and we just don't know about it.   

       [afterthought: a bit like "Thomas Edison's Dog"]
bristolz, Oct 24 2004

       I'm with you on that one, [bristolz]. I see evidence of machine communication regularly.......yes, and I have had my head examined. Another good reason to always say "Thank you" to a cooperative machine, and to praise your car's performance when appropriate.   

       Except for printers.....they don't get along with anybody.
normzone, Oct 24 2004


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