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Car trash

Designed-in mini "laundry chute"
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Hatch-lid central in parcel shelf.

Large-bore smooth tube goes to trash-container accessible FROM OUTSIDE CAR low dowm near hinges of driver's door.

Refinements : Blower at top comes on when air-tight hatch closes.

Container-full signal.

A vacuum cleaner hose plugs into hatch-lid for use after emptying.

Do-it-yourself emptying/recycling or it becomes a service-station routine.

A post-fittable version would give a designer headaches but would not be impossible.

rayfo, Jun 30 2001

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       And I was expecting you to drop a "baked" bomb.
rayfo, Jul 01 2001

       This is good. It incorporates elements now routinely employed in big-ticket new-home construction. Specifically, an unobtrusive kitchen-based cental vacuum inlet into which floor debris is swept.   

       Yes. Your jack-n-vac has the stuff.
The Military, Jul 01 2001


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