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Trash Station

A drive-thru trash station
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Drive to one of these stations and dump all of your car trash. The trash containers are all accessible from the comfort of your car. These facilities could have multiple cans for paper, plastic and aluminum to encourage recycling.
dogzapper, Sep 10 2005

Aluminum http://www.google.c...e%3A+aluminum&meta=
What is Aluminum? We just don't know. [pooduck, Sep 10 2005]

Aluminum/inium Spelling http://en.wikipedia.../Aluminium#Spelling
Does it really matter? [pooduck, Sep 10 2005]


       What is to stop you just driving to the civic amenity site - the dump? I could see there being some problems pushing a bin bag out through your car window... <sp>Aluminium.
fridge duck, Sep 10 2005

       Actually [fridge] it seems it can be spelt either way. See link.
pooduck, Sep 10 2005

       Aluminum is as much a word as nuculer, every british scientist will point out the mistake in both those words.
fridge duck, Sep 10 2005

       This isn't an exclusively British site...
pooduck, Sep 10 2005

       So that's why you guys (brits and aussies) pronounce it that way!
dogzapper, Sep 10 2005

       Well I know some people pronounce it like that, I did my best to spell it properly, but the term properly doesn't really apply to a fictional word does it?
fridge duck, Sep 10 2005

       Honestly, you push the rubbish out of the window, Pa`ve? Or do you stop the car and get out to dump rubbish at specific points according to what it is? I think the fishbones are for the "from the comfort of your car" bit. For my part, I'd really rather not be in the car while pouring a couple of gallons of dirty engine oil into a tank for recycling.
david_scothern, Sep 12 2005

reensure, Sep 12 2005


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