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Car with air compressor

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Car comes with air compressor which runs on engine power. No need to goto gas station to fill up air. Car has enough space in trunk to keep the pipe. Will be handy in emergencies. This might already be baked.
VJW, Jun 16 2011

AC Air Tools AC_20Air_20Tools
A familiar topic. [8th of 7, Jun 16 2011]

Unimog http://img.srcm.mbd...edes-unimog-406.jpg
Not the best picture, but the air tank is visible - it's the red bit. [TomP, Jun 17 2011]


       It is.
8th of 7, Jun 16 2011

       This could be very useful for every single car. Shame, one doesn't get to see this feature much in cars.
VJW, Jun 16 2011

       [+] I'm not sure if it's baked or if it was a proto-idea of mine to use an air-car tank as a portable compressor for the jobsite.
FlyingToaster, Jun 16 2011

       I have modified the compressor in my deuce-&-1/2 truck with a standard 1/4" outlet to run air tools at my jobsites-- the truck already has small dual tanks for the air-over- hydraulic brakes; I just ran the lines from there. It works great!
Alterother, Jun 16 2011

       The inflation hose should come with a rotary joint, so one could attach inflation hose to flat tire and add air to compensate for losses en route to tire shop.
bungston, Jun 16 2011

       I've a little air compressor that I plug into the cigarette lighter.   

       There used to be a widget you could replace a spark plug with, and get compressed air out of a multi-cylinder engine.
baconbrain, Jun 16 2011

       Baked on Unimogs (if they count as cars) - the latest ones have a switch in the cab to inflate or deflate each wheel as desired for off-road traction control/height adjusment while on the go. Most also have air assisted brakes (or at least that's true for the 406 model) and some have an standard fitting for air tools and tyre inflators. Comrpessor tank in the [link] is the red bit.   

       Bedford MWs also have one, but for some reason mounted on the gearbox and without a tank which is a bit odd.
TomP, Jun 17 2011

       'find 'Inflatable Church' on .net, and 'Happy Happy Jump Up and Down' childrens castles, they're really worth the 'pressure' !!, s.
sirau, Jul 07 2011


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