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Cargo pigeons

Airfreight after the oil runs out.
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Pigeons have remarkable homing abilities. Flying long distances back to their roost. For years this has been used to send mesages, and for racing. But now with the arrival of Genetic technology why not engineer bigger pigeons? Pigeons that have a useful cargo capacity? Big enough for small items at first, parcels and the like then gradually building over time to full light cargo carriers. They could be trained to swallow small items and carry them in their crops or just tied to their legs as with messages. They'd not be a big as a cargo jet but they'd be emmision free, relativly cheap to maintain and are their own pilots. You'd not even need to worry about trafic control if "Pigeon lanes" were set up through wich conventional aircraft cannot fly. Airports would cease to be so noisy, the roar of the jets replaced by the sound of deep coos of giant cargo pigeons resting between flights. The feeding troughs and preening technicians. Company logos sprayed on their wings. However while airports would cease to be such big noise poluters, the smell would need looking into. The droppings could be collected and sold to farmers for fertiliser.
Bronzewing, Aug 09 2004

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       That's awesome! I'd be worried about the droppings though.+
swimr, Aug 09 2004

       I don't know if i'd trust a pigeon to deliver all my mail.
MikeOxbig, Dec 04 2005

       Why not? Many armys used to up to and including WW1. And a pigeon the size of a jet plane isn't going to be suseptable to falcon interferance
Bronzewing, Jun 22 2006

       Jeez .. can you imagine a giant pigeon? The birdshit would cut people in half .. or flatten them ..
kuupuuluu, Jun 22 2006


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