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Carved Cheese Bubbles

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Take a block of cheese that is known to have air holes inside it (e.g. Swiss). Then, using X-ray scanning and precision cutting instruments, carefully carve a sphere of cheese all around the hole, that perfectly encompasses the hole.

You now have a Cheese Bubble. Make many of them, thin as you can without breaking the delicate surface, and use them as delicious decorations at banquets, parties, and other catered affairs.

phundug, Oct 08 2003


       That's a "cheese geode", surely?   

       And I can think of easier ways of making them than x-ray scanning (injection molds, for example). Besides, filling them with things other than air would probably prove popular.
DrCurry, Oct 08 2003

       like hollow cheese balls? ... I'm not sure I'm following this one ...
Letsbuildafort, Oct 08 2003

       Carved Cheese Bubbles: Sounds like something treatable.
k_sra, Oct 08 2003

       do the same with the bubbles in chocolate aero.
po, Oct 08 2003

       Or little cheese donuts or cheese bottles, carved at home. It could become a whole cottage (cheese) industry.
FarmerJohn, Oct 08 2003

       fill 'em with, say, chocolate....or...HELIUM!   

       *We are, the Lollipop Kids, the Lollipop Kids...*   

       "Yeah, gimme another hit o' that!"
Eugene, Oct 08 2003

       [Eu], skip helium - go straight to hydrogen. Add a lighter and you can add a whole new excitement to fondue.
Worldgineer, Oct 08 2003

       Capturing the subtle breath of cheese - for that a croissant.
lostdog, Oct 08 2003

Eugene, Oct 09 2003

       Excellent, [phundug].
lintkeeper2, Oct 09 2003

       Automatic plus for anything to do with cheese that doesn't involve chemical processing or the word "Squeezy".
squeak, Oct 10 2003

       Gouda idea. Left over cheese (I imagine this would be quite a wasteful process), could be melted down, air-entrained to create new bubbles, then solidified to start all over again.
stupop, Oct 10 2003

       Alright, who cut the cheese?   

       <points at [Mr Burns]>
k_sra, Oct 10 2003


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