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Cashier Cache

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A set of lockers near the checkout lines in larger stores located in a mall. When cashier lines are too long and you have other shopping to do, swipe your creditcard to open a locker door, place the stuff you intend to purchase in the locker, close and continue shopping elsewhere. Lockers are continually unloaded (from the other side) by store employees and your items are queued up to be checked out by some behind the scenes cashiers. (your information was recorded when you swiped your card). A bit later you stop by to review your reciept and merchandise, sign and you are on your way without waiting in line. Of course there could be a line at the pickup window, but at least you had a chance of not waiting in check out line (and presumably a "pickup only" line would move faster than a complete checkout line. ) If you have any contention about your purchase you must proceed to Customer Service so as not to hold up the pickup line. There must be some sort of guaranteed ready time so that you do not come back too early. The service is free. If you do not pick up your stuff within 24 hours you are charged a restocking fee (this prevents people from using this service to put things on hold.) With x-mas coming up this is bound to be an attractive alternative to waiting in line.
blahginger, Nov 15 2003


       I'm presuming you have to swipe your card again so they know what items are yours... and that once a locker is closed, it cannot be opened again from that side.
waugsqueke, Nov 15 2003


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