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Long Line Entertainment

Create a spectacle for customers to see while waiting on line.
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I think at some point or another we all have stood on long lines at the bank or at the local motor vehicle bureau while continuously getting frustrated and impatient. Every now and then the tension is broken by that one customer who loses his patience creates a scene in the building which eventually causes the authorities to take him away.

Because this situation breaks up the tension, total strangers begin talking to one and other. And because they spend so much time talking about how they can relate to the situation, they forget that they are in a long slow-moving line.

Long Line Entertainment is a production company that specifically sends in actors who will pose as digruntled customers who will act up and create a scene in the building causing everyone to talk about what just happened. The business owner and the employees will all be in on the act and be fully aware of the events that are being orchestrated. 2 guys get into a fist fight and then a fake police officer takes them away and then what was previously a very tense and unplesant environment now becomes a festive environment.

Jscotty, Jul 17 2006


       i was in a restaurant on fisherman's wharf last week, when one of the customers tried to skip his tab. the next thing i knew, every single one of the waiters in the place jumped up and chased him out the door and down the street. for the next half hour, the only thing that anyone was talking about was this all out charge, which the waiters, feeling euphoric after apprehending the tab jumper, were happy to encourage.
tcarson, Jul 17 2006

       Look this line is gonna have me wait for at least fifteen minutes, I want to know right now if there are any of those new line actors in it! Basterds hold everything up.
zeno, Jul 17 2006

       Most lines in the US seem to be afflicted with TV sets, variously set to headline news or daytime soaps. This is not an improvement, and neither would be a live version of the same. -
DrCurry, Jul 17 2006

       I somewhat agree with DrC, but I won't fishbone the idea. I was thinking more like clowns, jugglers, and maybe lottery tickets to move up in the line...
xandram, Jul 17 2006

       I don't want anything raising my blood pressure when I'm in a line. Maybe some other sort of intertainment: Live music, plays (not so violent in nature) or a comedian. Seems like a good place for street performers to hone thier skills.
James Newton, Jul 17 2006

       (cell phone + games) (internet) = DMV line entertainment   

       Your idea would make entertainment for people even out of a line.
sartep, Jul 17 2006

       Yeah, but how would frequent faux fisticuffs reflect on an organisation? A bank that is notorious for fights dosn't fly very well. Sorry mate [-]
shinobi, Jul 18 2006

       I just carry a paperback book in my pocket, and read while standing. Everyone else in line gets to point and laugh at the funny man. That's entertainment.
baconbrain, Jul 18 2006

       I approve of everything except the fight. There's no reason why it shouldn't be something esle, and as [shinobi] said, it ruins the image of the company.
Mr Phase, Jul 18 2006


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