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Cat-Collar Expiry Date

For flea collars
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I usually buy flea collars for my cat (her boyfriend is a stray!!) The collars usually last for a few months until the medicine has faded away. When the time comes to replace the collar- I can never seem to remember which month the collar was purchased, or which month it should be discarded.

So, I propose to have a break in the collar, a piece of plastic with a piece of paper inserted in between, where you can write down which month you need to replace it.

No need to cast your memory back to a few months

chocolateraindrops, Sep 08 2005

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       ..well someone has to do this anno..   

       "This cat best consumed before Dec 2009"
ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 08 2005

       If you are just going to write on a piece of paper inserted into a plastic window on the collar, what is stopping you from just using an indelible laundry marker or Sharpie to write on the plastic flea collar now? I don't see that your proposed version is going to be much more practical or much better looking. Admittedly, though, the idea of noting the replacement date directly on the collar has merit, and I plan to begin doing this the very next time I catch that damn cat.
jurist, Sep 09 2005

       Flea collars! How retro!
ldischler, Sep 09 2005

       The collar could have a chemical that fades or turns a certain color over time, at roughly the same speed that the flea medicine fades away. Both would be activated by the act of unwrapping the collar.
jutta, Sep 09 2005

       [jutta] I'm not sure that it's a feature that Hartz actively promotes as a means of determining the effectiveness of their collars, but I know from personal observation that their colored collars do in fact fade substantially within 180 days after opening and applying to your pet, and that becomes a good signal to renew the collar. [EDIT: Then again, in trying to research a reputable reference for this observation, I was emotionally persuaded by several dozen sites that bluntly stated I was actively harming my pet by placing a flea control collar anywhere near its body. Despite fifty-some years experience with cats and dogs in the household, I never before considered this as a potentially harmful or reproachful practice. Who knew? When did Hartz Mountain become untrustworthy?]
jurist, Sep 09 2005

       write the date on the same bit of paper as the name and address that is rolled up in the little metal barrel   

       flea collars stop working if it gets wet and so I am not sure how that affects jutta's solution.   

       I have given up with flea collars anyway as the drops that you can buy to drop on the cat's neck is much more effective.
po, Sep 09 2005

       [jurist] I've never even heard of flea collars being able to harm the cat!I've had my kitty for eight years now- nothing has happened.....yet.   

       [po] I used to use the drops on my cat, but a few niggles with the product reduced me to go back to collars. 1. It has an overpowering smell that follows the cat for alteast a whole day. 2.I wouldn't want to stroke my cat for a whole day when putting that weird smelly stuff on her, and 3. I'm pretty sure my cat's apetite loss was due to the drops, 'coz when I put the collar back on her she started to eat again.....[not sure if there IS a link in the two events, but I always assumed so]
chocolateraindrops, Sep 09 2005

       I didn't have any of those problems with any of my cats. what can I say? I didn't get the cheap stuff from the supermarket but the quality medication from the vet.
po, Sep 09 2005

       so did I, po. I think maybe its 'coz I'm slightly more fond of collars. We've got loads of stray cats in my area, so I guess having a collar and a flea collar just kills two birds with one stone.
chocolateraindrops, Sep 09 2005

       now, just you stop that stoning birds, d'ya hear?
po, Sep 09 2005


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