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Cat-shit Cookie Cutter

Recycle Cat Crap and Please Fido in the Process
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Dogs like to eat cat shit. And worse yet, they feel guilty about it. Fortunately, there is no shortage of cat shit and with some careful drying, shaping, and cutting, it can be re-used in a form that Fido can feel good about eating.

The Cosco Cat-shit Cookie Cutter (CCCC) could efficiently produce dog snacks shaped much like milk-bones, but with the smell and taste of cat turd that really gets that saliva flowing. The CCCC would shape ol' Mr Whiskers BM through extrusion, then slice, and dry it into "cookies". All you would do is drop soft cat doodie in the top and wait for "cookies" to pop out, ready for nibbling! And Fido would be feel good instead of guilty about eating it, because not only would the cookie be handed to him by you, but it would have that familiar "bone" shape.

Dingus, Aug 08 2001

Brown Dog Institute. http://www.browndoginstitute.com/
Here at Brown Dog Institute, we research canine taste preferences and formulate our revolutionary dog biscuits accordingly. You've seen "gourmet" dog treats but let's face it, your dog is no pansy. You might prefer cheesecake, but your dog will eat his own vomit." Now with FREE vomit! [StarChaser, Mar 07 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       You're right Mephista, you "dunno".
Dingus, Aug 08 2001

       Dingus is right on the money! My ex-boss used to tell me how impossible it was to keep her dogs out of the cat box. This is pure brilliance!
Moby, Aug 08 2001

       Your dog and many others like it is short on minerals.
thumbwax, Aug 08 2001

       One word: toxoplasmosis.
protean, Aug 08 2001

       one word: get a new dog. no, four words: get a new dog. preferably one with better eating habits. that last bit wasnt part... actually ten words: get a new dog with better eating habits. no! get a new dog one with better eating habits. or, ten words again: get a new dog with less bad eating habits. no eight words...
panthaz paradise, Aug 08 2001

       *lol* No one expects...panthaz paradise!   

       My dog ate excrement when he was a puppy but he quit pretty quickly. As protean notes, the risk of spreading parasites and disease is high. Don't doo it.
Dog Ed, Aug 08 2001

       Well, sock me sideways! This gross-out idea sounds like something out of a Farrelly Brothers movie, Dingus! Is your name Bobby, or Peter, or maybe Lloyd? Or maybe it's Harry, or Ted! It wouldn't be Hank, or Charlie, now, would it? :-) You wouldn't happen to be sporting a chipped front tooth and a pie-tin haircut, by any chance? Or maybe you have a crew cut and a state trooper's uniform! Did you ever get the ol' one-eyed matinee idol caught in your zipper? Do you get your pedicures with an electric sander? Have you wizzed into any beer bottles lately? Bought any huge flesh-colored sexual enhancers? Did you ever drink any laxative-laced hot beverages? Do you keep lotion and tissues near your girlfriend's picture? You must look so lordly in your tangerine-colored tuxedo and top hat (looks great with a bowl haircut)! I bet that you and your best bud have sword duels with walking canes, and that you can make The Most Annoying Sound in the World! (sorry, candypants! Didn't mean to twist your niblets! I'm just joking, but the idea of dog treats made of cat poop DOES sound like something the Farrelly Boys would write into one of their screenplays)
Sparki, Aug 10 2001, last modified Aug 13 2001

       Are ya'll sure your dog actually eats the catshit? My dog just brings it to me, in an apparent attempt to get the cat in trouble. She doesnt seem to understand that the "no shitting in the house" rule applies only to herself, and gets very upset when the cat uses the litterbox.
I've known other dogs that will roll around in catshit (or any other foul smelling ick they can find) in an attempt to get rid of the perfumed smell of doggie shampoo.
Skyloo, Mar 06 2002

       Perhaps there is the next half baked idea, then... doggy shampoo that is scented with a scent that dogs like. Preferably one that people can handle as well...
Jeremi, Mar 07 2002

       I was hoping for a cookie cutter for humans that made cookies in the shape of a little creamy whip cat turd cup cake.
benfrost, Mar 07 2002

       Baked. A link appears.   

       Dogs eat cat crap because A) they're not very bright, and B) cat food has more protein in it than dog food, and as with all animals, not all of what's available in the food gets used.   

       Plus, they're not very bright.
StarChaser, Mar 07 2002

       Cats like a higher protien diet. Cats have (like most carnivores) a short digestive tract. Lots of protien is left over. The protien is what the dangerous bacteria love. Rule of thumb, if a bacilli likes protien - and you are mostly protien... it's a bad bug. I like to take my dog camping. He saves me having to dig lots of holes and I have to carry less dogfood. Symbiosis, know whattImean, wink wink nudge nudge? I don't down my dog for dooing lunch and he doesn't knock me for eating pu - oops... kitty kibbles... Also I used to live in my stationwagon. Cold outside so I did pee in beer bottles. One day an ex-friend exclaims "Hey! A whole beer! I nearly died but he couldn't catch up with me. True story, I swear on a croissant! Actually I was also thinking cookie cutter (real cookies) for cat shit shaped cookies. What a Halloween giveaway! Licorice cookies anyone? Y'all don't come back, y'heah?
jbodden, Mar 08 2002

       Dogs do go wild for cat shit, but the only reason they like it is FOR the guilty feeling they get ... akin to why some happily married men go to prostitutes. It's the thrill that takes you there, but afterward, you feel like crap ... or, you feel like you ate crap in the case of the felinoscaticophilic canines. Fellatio, feline crap, it's all the same.
DaisyFizz, Nov 08 2003

       Hmm...maybe eating cat turds'll be the new rage. Can you imagine it, a husband comes home to his wife and kids, sporting a yummy cat turd (not that I've tried it, but for all we know it could be really nice and we could be missing a real treat!) Husband: "Honey I'm home, I bought us this lovely scrumptious kitty kibble for dinner!" Wife: "Oooh Hank...You're so thoughtful! Kids, get down here, we're got kitty kibbles again!!!" Kids: "Yay kitty kibble!!" I mean can you imagine it?!? The future generations hailing what comes out a cats arse?!? Maybe we should just leave dogs to eat it, if they like it, so be it!
Daemonicbreeze, Feb 20 2004


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