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A furniture fashion for furballs.
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My cat loves to jump up on my pillow at night usually around 5:00am and stand there purring loudly until I wake up and scratch her silly head. I propose a structure of arched plywood, like a catwalk over the pillow portion of the bed; my head goes under it. When she jumps up onto the catwalk she is above me. To fool her I would photograph my head and my husband’s head on the pillows, imprint this onto fabric, with which I would then pad and upholster the arch. I could even do a trapunto quilting to give the faces bas relief. The cats of course would be completely fooled…could walk and purr up there all they want, even sleep on my face. I 'd get to sleep in.
dentworth, Apr 26 2004

illustration http://picasaweb.go...5091503319541739586
just adding them back in [dentworth, Aug 01 2007]

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       you need faux hair for the hair-munching types
po, Apr 26 2004

       Then you'd crack your head off it when you sit up...
Call me old fasioned, but i quite like my kitty curling up around my head whilst i sleep.
MikeOliver, Apr 26 2004

       Cats have a pretty sensitive sense of smell - those photos won't fool her.
DrCurry, Apr 26 2004

       Oh course, Dr.C and Po, I could add the scent and hair to the quilting, and any other sensory tricks. see link
dentworth, Apr 26 2004

       I quite like it when they do that. One of my ambitions is to be able to wake up, get up slowly without disturbing the sleeping cat, saunter casually down to breakfast (still balancing snoozing mog) as if nothing is different and see who compliments my new russian hat first.
squeak, Apr 26 2004

       So you're basically training the cat to smother you while you sleep? "Whoops, sorry son, I forgot that you don't have a CatWalk. Son? Son??" *meow*
ghillie, Apr 26 2004

       BEHOLD, THE POWER OF MS PAINT! Beautiful illustration, [dentworth]!
Letsbuildafort, Apr 26 2004

       Why thank you Lbaf
dentworth, Apr 26 2004

       This would have been nice when my Maine Coon "kitten", of 22 pounds, would decide to sleep on the window ledge above my head and then proceed to fall onto my face. [+]
Klaatu, Apr 26 2004

       I've never had a cat want to sleep on my face, though I have had one want to share the pillow.
DrCurry, Apr 26 2004

       The thing that used to (he's no longer with us) bug me is when max would sleep between my legs, making it difficult to roll over. I eventually mastered the technique without propelling the cat off the bed, but perhaps you could attach a boom to the cat walk that extends over the bed with a suspended sling that is lowered down over your legs when you go to sleep. If you need to get up or roll over, you raise the sling to give your legs some clearance while "boots" purrs away.
joking victim, Apr 26 2004

       I like cats. And foxes. And frogs.
DesertFox, May 05 2004


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