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Hemingway Conveyer

for lazy sun basking cats
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On sunny days, my cat Hemmingway likes to lie on the floor in a spot of sunlight that streams in through a high window. Unfortunately, the spot moves across the floor as the earth rotates, leaving Hemingway to wake up in the cold. So I’ve attached a cord to her favorite snooze rug, and the rug is slowly pulled over the floor as the cord is wound up on a small spool I’ve glued to the hour hand shaft of a sturdy clock. Now Hemingway is unobtrusively inched forward at the same speed as her delectable spot.

Also works great for potted plants.
pluterday, Mar 23 2003


       Brilliant idea - I would like a person-sized one for me in my back garden. And bonus points for the excellent name.
friendlyfire, Mar 23 2003

       That's either a really small cat or a really big clock.
phoenix, Mar 23 2003

       Hemingway clock...
RayfordSteele, Mar 23 2003

       Heat seeking cat bed
bristolz, Mar 23 2003

       Maybe you should hook it up to a sundial for exact sun correlation.
FarmerJohn, Mar 23 2003

       Or vice versa - make the cat into a sundial.
phoenix, Mar 23 2003

       [FJ, phoenix] The cat sundial is an interesting variation. Of course, it would engender the concept of “cat-time”, wherein clock time would stop altogether (as the cat snoozed), and then move forward incredibly rapidly (when the cat finally decided to move back into the sunlight).
pluterday, Mar 23 2003

       [pluter] seems a nice human - purr! Any chance of milk?
The Kat, Mar 23 2003

       <thinking that she heard The Kat at the back door, pluter, in an oddly askew bathrobe, peers into the darkness, and seeing nothing, sets out a bowl of half & half>
pluterday, Mar 23 2003

       Except that that cat, that looks so completely lost to the world, will actually get up and change positions maybe five or ten times an hour (just watch him). Making this completely unnecessary.
DrCurry, Mar 23 2003

       My kids come tearing across the room unannounced. Kitty, turning Halloween cat at the ruckus, is suddenly *cat*apulted across the room as child meets cord.   

       Does a cat land on all fours if flung at a wall?
lurch, Mar 23 2003

       This is a cute idea that made me chuckle. +
sartep, Jun 14 2004


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