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Cat Exoskeleton

Your cat now comes when called....
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The cat exoskeleton attaches over the cat and normally is not activated. However, should you wish your cat to come to you, a simple push of the remote activates the motorized exoskeleton, which then "walks" your cat home.
molecat, Jan 08 2007


       Uhm if the exoskeleton does everything by its self then what do I need the cat for?
jhomrighaus, Jan 08 2007

       ... you ain't met my cat have you? You're a dead [molecat] if you try and put something on 'im.
jonthegeologist, Jan 08 2007

       Does it tango?
wagster, Jan 08 2007

       //what do I need the cat for?// eating all those tins of cat food you keep buying ?
xenzag, Jan 08 2007

       what else would do the purring?
jonthegeologist, Jan 08 2007

       Thanks for the tale phlish, I can't image how you could get the tape onto all four feet...one would be hard enough. The Cat_Exoskeleton actually suits up the cat without human intervention,moving in very slowly and ingratiatingly at nap time( it's heated and has a purr box.)
molecat, Jan 08 2007

       I really dislike cats; in this country they are an environmental menace that the government simply refuses to regulate or ban entirely.   

       But I have to bone an idea that suggests cruelty to animals. We all know how much a cat would despise it's little exoskeleton cage, and how nuts they would go when the frame started forcing the cat to move around. that's just cruel.   

Custardguts, Jan 08 2007

       If your cat like those biscuity cat treats, try this: Next time you want your cat to come home, rattle the box outside for the cat to hear. I've never known this to fail (Note: Only *their* box of biscuity treats works - Cornflakes and Wheato's probably won't)
Dub, Jan 09 2007

       //We all know how much a cat would despise it's little exoskeleton//   

       Just imagine a bird cage with legs.
skinflaps, Jan 09 2007

       A neater solution would be to insert electrodes directly into the cerebellum from where the legs are controlled, thereby taking direct control of the cat itself.
wagster, Jan 09 2007

       A Remote Control Cat? Superb! I'd have one of them.
Dub, Jan 10 2007


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