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Cat Smuggling

Get him past the landlord. Save a few bucks.
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Someone I know recently needed to stash his cat in his parents' apartment for a couple of days. He tried to stay low-key, with the cat in a small cloth carrier. But as he passed the manager's office someone announced "my, what a cute cat!" The manager then politely pointed out that there's a $250 fee to keep a pet in an apartment. The plot was foiled.

I have an idea for a disguise for Velcro (the cat in question), as a way to smuggle a cat. A completely hypothetical way, of course: Disguise the cat as a small person.

A support harness wraps around his middle, to hold him in a proper walking position. Mechanical legs (little kitty stilts with shoes) connect to the support harness structure. A wig and mask hide otherwise obvious feline features, and a full-length coat completes the outfit. Velcro can then walk as long as you keep a hand under his front leg to hold him. You could smuggle two cats simultaneously this way.
Amos Kito, Mar 09 2003


       This is good. Could you adopt it for dogs so they can go on the subway? Only vision-assistance dogs are currently allowed on the NYC subway.
snarfyguy, Mar 09 2003

       What I would really love is having the velcro disguise for people to be smuggled as cats. My sister's boyfriend could then stop sneaking out my house at late nights thinking that we never found out he "slept" over.
Pericles, Mar 09 2003

       (+) for the laugh. Reminds me of Puss in Boots too.
Shz, Mar 10 2003

       As much as I'd like to see my cat in one of these, I can't croissant because I don't see her being very cooperative (not unlike the time I tried to put little reindeer antlers on her). No fishbone though.
RoboBust, Mar 10 2003

       <8th of 7 opens annotation, peers round to see serried ranks of cat lovers glaring at him, tiptoes away, softly closing door behind>
8th of 7, Mar 10 2003

       hee hee hee!   

       Just put the cat in a box and...
RayfordSteele, Mar 10 2003

       Why not wrap Velcro in a pink blanket, (covering the face of course) and pretend it's your sisters-friends-sons-little girl? If anyone asks to see the little darling, say "I'm sorry, she's sleeping right now, and doesn't like to be woken up" or "shut up and mind your own business!" whatever suits the circumstances.
smileydudette, Mar 11 2003

       Or "I'm sorry, she was born with a horrible condition - felinoma - HERE!" (as you shove your bonneted, swaddling clothed cat in the nosy person's face).
snarfyguy, Mar 11 2003


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