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Cat flap for smart cat.

Cat flap allows only the educated cat to enter.
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Once you put a cat flap on your house all the neighbourhood cats have access to you house, this is not good.

Cats are smart when they want to be, otherwise very dumb.

Most cat flaps are hinged at the top and cats know to push the flap to open it.

On our house we have a cat flat that is hinged at the side and is held shut by a spring. The flap is made of transparent plastic so that cats can look in.

Pushing the flap from outside will not open it as the flap only opens outwards. To open it the cat must go to one side of the flap and push his nose between the wall and a curved extension to the flap. This opens the flap a little and he can get in. Any non educated cats try to push the flap or just peer through the see-through bit.

It took about 2 minutes to train my cat to use this and no other cats have been known to figure it out for themselves.

I think this is effective because where the cat pushes his face 'contaminates' the wall with his particul cat scent and maybe other cats dont like to poke their faces right in there! Or perhaps they are just not capable of figuring it out.

akubra, Jun 03 2004

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       "On our house we have a cat flat that is hinged at the side and is held shut by a spring"
You built a prototype, or you bought one?
MikeOliver, Jun 04 2004

       I was hoping for something like an electronic keypad, with paw-print shaped buttons.   

       The commercial solution tends to involve collars containing magnets/microchips.
benjamin, Jun 04 2004

       The truly smart cat will just hang out in front of the flap until another cat opens it.
phoenix, Jun 04 2004

       Phoenix, he did say the flap is spring loaded so the truly smart cat still has to learn what the trained cat has been taught.
KiwiJohn, Jun 04 2004

       And what do I do about my dumb cat?
DrCurry, Jun 04 2004

       What, it can't speak?
FarmerJohn, Jun 04 2004

       Actually, no, never even meows.
DrCurry, Jun 04 2004

       I locked myself out of my house the other day. I asked my cat to let me in, he just looked at me as if I was stupid and said "me, how? "   

       Time to burn the bumper book of jokes I think.
sufc, Jun 05 2004

       My dog sleeps in the shed, it is insulated and quite cosy, so long as the door is shut if it is cold outside. A year or so ago I put a spring closer on the door and a handle at the dog's height so that if he needed to pee in the night he could go out, pee and open the door again by pawing at the handle until the door was open enough to get his nose and body inside. It took two hours of training before I understood that my dog is stupid. He has never learnt that he can easily open his own door and he never will.
wagster, Jun 05 2004

       The cat flap is one I made myself.   

       Fortunately there are no raccoons around here.
akubra, Jun 07 2004

       "Chaos and Anarchy haven't vanished yet" ... great song lyrics
luecke, Jun 08 2004

       (visualises a gang of evil raccoons running off with Kitty under their arms)
david_scothern, Jun 08 2004

       ummmm didn't the description itself state that this is baked...?
simonj, Jun 09 2004

       I believe it is baked, Akubra said he/she made it themself.
KiwiJohn, Jun 10 2004


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