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Cats in space

Tethered feline locomotion apparatus
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In zero G getting around can be a bit of a problem, so here's a possible solution. Firstly, line all surfaces inside the spacecraft with carpet. Secondly, attatch one or two cats to the carpet, tethered to the astronaut by those retractable leashes. The cats, being able to walk on all surfaces due to their claws, provide a perfect anchor for you to reel yourself in, thus providing the ability to get around. They would even be able to leap from one surface to another and latch on. The only problem I forsee is training the cats to go where you want them to, but that shouldn't be much of a problem right? ...Right?
simonj, Jun 11 2004


       In space, how does a cat decide which way it needs to go to land on its feet?
phoenix, Jun 12 2004

       It never falls so it doesn't have to!
simonj, Jun 12 2004

       Popular bumper sticker: "You want to put the challenge back into your life? Try herding cats!" Plus there's the problem of zero-G hairballs and other "jettisonned" materials.
nick_n_uit, Jun 12 2004

       Well, you'd certainly always be able to find the warmest part of the ship.
harderthanjesus, Jun 12 2004

       You get a good hold on the leash while I get the video camera ready and let the mice loose.   

       ...and they'd keep the tribble population down.
wagster, Sep 01 2008

       Tribbles ! Horrible little furry, squeaky things. At least they keep Klingons away.   

       Besides, this is not exactly "cats in space", more "cats in zero-gee". For actual "cats in space", you'd need to set the catflap to 'out only'........   

       We shall give this idea a provisional bun in that it may remove felines from the planetary surface to a potentially more dangerous environment, where all sorts of unexpected things could happen. {+].   

       #include <EOSSACR.H>
8th of 7, Sep 01 2008


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