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Celebrity Peep Hole

a very cheap source of entertainment
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Realising your friend has had a rather dull week, you pop out to the store and buy a pack of 'Celebrity Peep Holes' and a six pack of beer. My how Celebrity Holes have come down in price recently $3 gets you a pack of twelve, and this one's a beaut.

You pull Kirsten Dunst out of the pack and place the contact-lense sized image of her on your finger. You walk to your friend's house and place Kirsten over the Peep Hole in their front door (being careful to keep her the right way up).

You knock on the door and hide round the corner.. imagine your friend's delight when they think for a split second that Kirsten's outside. They open the door and you greet them with a six pack of beer instead. My how you laughed.
neilp, Mar 07 2005


       Arnold Shwarzengger.   

       Haha. +
DesertFox, Mar 07 2005

       Or, better yet, keep the peep holes for a couple of really old celebrities for a few years until after they die, and suddenly post them around town. You can be sure more than one person is going to be surprised when Zombie Bob Ross shows up at their door.
CRTrue, Mar 07 2005

       Ahahah brilliant. Imagine the potencial of "Scary Peep Holes" ;)
NeoPiter, Mar 07 2005

       Make it a hologram.
Ling, Mar 07 2005

       "It's Kirsten Dunst! And she's upside down!"
hippo, Mar 07 2005

       Make it a mirror.
FarmerJohn, Mar 07 2005

       "It's my long-lost twin! He never was as handsome as me"
hippo, Mar 07 2005

       William Shatner - with a six-pack of beer. I've wanted to get drunk with Captain Kirk since I was a kid - I think he's wacked - but in a good way!
trekbody, Mar 07 2005

       I like this idea. You may have a bun.
jonthegeologist, Mar 08 2005

       I'm not really Reese Witherspoon. Take this beer and GET YOUR TONGUE OUTTA MY MOUTH!!!
wagster, Mar 08 2005

       "Ack! It's Carrot Top!!"   

       "On second thought, let him in. I hear he's well-endowed..."
k_sra, Mar 08 2005

       Stands at the door with Kathy Bates on one thumb and Anne Ramsey on index finger...nobody answers the door.
skinflaps, Mar 08 2005

       //They open the door and you greet them with a six pack of beer instead. My how you laughed.//   

       My how you bled.   

       At any rate, I like it. Just make sure the instructions include the line "image should be inverted."
shapu, Mar 08 2005

       Like the idea, but the implementation needs work. A contact lens placed on the peep-hole would not result in a focused image, just a blur. What you would need is a cardboard cut-out or similar that could be suction-cupped to the door so it would hover out in front.
krelnik, Mar 08 2005

       Maybe some software could be written for camera cellphones to superimpose the selected celebrity's animated image onto the actual backdrop, pictured by the phonecam's lens, whose display, showing the composite image, could then be held in front of the peephole, just far enough back so the edges of the display didn't show. Which, given the fisheye configuration of most of those lenses whould have to be pretty close.
Soterios, Mar 08 2005

       [krelnik].. why would it be blurry ? this is only a contact lense sized thing, not an actual contact lense.

I also thought it would be very strange if people started wearing them as actual contact lenses..
neilp, Mar 08 2005

       [neilp] It has to do with your eye focusing on either the person or the image - both would be at widely different focal planes. As peep holes are designed with looking at full-sized people in mind, your eye may not be able to focus on the image at all (hold your finger 1" from your eye and try to focus on it to see what I mean). Had I a peep hole I would surely test how close you can focus on.
Worldgineer, Mar 08 2005

       I can imagine a whole side shoot of Photomat style businesses that specialized in making these from your original photos. You could call it Ordinary Peep Holes! Just think of what fun you could have if your partner's mother dropped by unannounced. Or their Ex. Or their spouse. From a technical point of view I think it could actually work. Ultrawide angle lenses have a remarkably long depth of field, so with a supplemental lens...
MensaDropout, Mar 08 2005

       Good point, [Mensa]. I can imagine the contact lens really working a bit like a contact lens, and change focus of the painted side of the peep hole.
Worldgineer, Mar 08 2005

       How cute! I like this idea. My, how I laughed.
Machiavelli, Mar 08 2005

       Why just a still picture? Why not a video? A video camera viewfinder could be used to play the video up against the peephole.   

       Assuming that the wide-angle lens of the peep-hole would distort the image (magnify the center and shrink the periphery), the video image could be pre-processed to compensate for the wide-angle distortion.
robinism, Mar 14 2005

       Oooh yeah, [robin]! If it's a male celeb in the video he could nervously be fixing his tie and hair while holding a bouquet of roses, as if he's going to take the woman who opens the door on a date. If it's a female celeb I couldn't care less. I want Ioan Gruffud on my "doorstep."
Machiavelli, Mar 14 2005

       nice! the title sounded like it was some kind ofvoyeur thing. this is much better.
energy guy, Mar 14 2005

       How 'bout one of a swat team with a battering ram, shotguns, and a warrant?
Freefall, Mar 14 2005

       Ed McMahon
Worldgineer, Mar 14 2005

       i like the idea, voted for it, but thinking that if this can be done and get popular, criminals might find a way to use it to trick ppl to open the door?   

       I know i will open the door if it's George Clooney there.
pinkbmx, Nov 29 2007

       Zombie horde. Gotta have a zombie horde...
xxobot, Nov 30 2007

       Put travbm on a sticker and you your friend will grab the gun and shoot the door.
travbm, Oct 29 2015

       eh, good enough. [+]
Voice, Oct 29 2015


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