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Automatic door with small sections that open separately & only as far as needed

Couldn't think of a better name within the minute or so it took to post this
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This is an idea I've had for years, but never posted because I thought it was not novel. I did a Google search for the title just now, though, and didn't find anything.

The idea is to make a door that works like automatic sliding doors on stores, but instead of one piece on each side, it's divided into several pieces, each one about an inch to several inches high. When you approach the door, these pieces open like a regular automatic sliding door, but instead of all of both sides opening all the way, only those pieces that are actually in your way open, and each one only opens as far as necessary to get out of your way. This is done using computer vision, as well as proximity sensors on the tips of the sliding pieces for fine guidance. Each piece is equipped with a separate motor (which can, obviously, be smaller than a motor that would move the whole door).

The effect is that the opening of the door is the same shape as your body (plus whatever you're carrying), and the rest of the space covered by the door remains closed while you pass through it.

The point of this is to reduce air exchange between the two areas separated by the door, whether this is to conserve heat, humidity, or clean air, or for whatever other reason you want.

notexactly, Aug 28 2016

Air Curtain http://marsair.com/...nt/air-curtains-101
This is probably why the Idea here will probably stay HalfBaked. [Vernon, Aug 29 2016]


       I like this. You could make the sections out of faux brick and go for the Station 9 3/4 Harry Potter effect.
AusCan531, Aug 29 2016

       Will it make the traditional "Zwishhhhh" sound when it moves ?
8th of 7, Aug 29 2016

       Sealing could get expensive...
RayfordSteele, Aug 29 2016

       Thanks [LimpNotes]. Where can I buy one? I imagine it's now considerably improved vs. that video from 9 years ago.
notexactly, Aug 29 2016

       How about "Matryoshka Door"?   

       Of course before I read your full description I was imagining the door with a whole lot of nested cut- outs in the shape of people, making the name more appropriate.
scad mientist, Aug 30 2016


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