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Celebrity Shrunken Heads

Possess 'Em All
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A collectible line of realistic shrunken heads of famous people. Product starts as an accurate head sculpture of a celebrity but is molded in a plastic that shrinks after it is molded. Result is like an apple doll, so no two are exactly alike. Head is then dry-brushed and stained for gruesome effect and realistic hair and mouth stitches are added. A realistic depiction of what a famous big-head would look like if it was taken through the head shrinking process. Hang on your car's rear-view mirror or use as a fashion accessory.
wombat, Jul 01 2008

Last Stone Rolling. http://s68.photobuc...jpg&t=1214969630881
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 02 2008]

Rubber_20Head_20Sink_20Plugs sell them as a set [xenzag, Jul 02 2008]

last paragraph for [sninctown]... http://www.shrunken...nken_head_story.asp
[xandram, Jul 02 2008]

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       Might get you out of a few tickets.
daseva, Jul 01 2008

       I'd buy one. Christopher Walken maybe?
napoleonbag, Jul 01 2008

       Bill Watterson suggested this in a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip that ran back in the '90s. Since you mention mouth stitches but not eyelid stitches I suspect you are "borrowing" from this source.   

       However, [+] for the idea of hanging a shrunken head from your rearview mirror.
sninctown, Jul 02 2008

       So many celebrities that deserve shrinking…so little time…. [+]
CwP, Jul 02 2008


       "Right, so, Mick says to me; Keith 'e says, me an the boys is lookin for a little head. Come give us a little head Keith."   

       So 'ow you liking your little #@$&!^%" head now then Mick?!?!"   

       The shruken head has much room for development +
xenzag, Jul 02 2008

       + I love the idea, but [sninctown] should know that hanging shrunken heads from rearview mirrors has been around a long time! (maybe you're not old enough to remember!)
xandram, Jul 02 2008


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