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Cell Phone Away Message

Let contcts know when not to call
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When you put your cell phone on silent, a message is transmitted to everyone in your address book (perhaps the icon next to the name would change) thus letting your contacts know that your are unavailable to take a call.

The only problem with this is that it may require some extra software or something. Therefore at first this feature would only be available on certain cell phone services, but would become universal as popularity of this feature spreads.

TheDish, Sep 05 2006


       If silent mode is insufficient, why not simply turn the offending phone off?
Texticle, Sep 05 2006

       When I put my phone on silent, it is because I *am* available to take a call, but don't want to disturb the people around me with a ringing phone.
wagster, Sep 05 2006

       [neilp] configures his cellphone/wi-fi/skype thing it shows [wagster] as being available even if he's not.
neilp, Sep 05 2006

       okay, let me clairify- this feature would let people know when you are unavailable to take a call, for example if you are in a class or a meeting. The function is that people would know when you will be available to take a call- so they can call you when you ARE available.
TheDish, Sep 06 2006

       This is already available via "Presence". It's mostly available in Europe on nokia phones.
Fufi, Jan 10 2008

       openmoko + jabber + jingle. expect it to be baked soon.
erlehmann, Jan 10 2008


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