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Cell Phone Belt Buckle

Phone by the seat of your pants!
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Introduce yourself to a device that allows you to hold a conversation while it holds up your pants. Say good bye to those awkward moments fishing your cell phone from your pocket or purse. Say good bye to wearing your cell phone on your belt like a geeky gun-slinger. Say hello to the Cell Phone Belt Buckle!

For hands-free telephony, the Cell Phone Belt Buckle can interpret voice commands. If using voice recognition is not your style, the Cell Phone Belt Buckle comes with an easy to use keypad as well as a full alphabetic keyboard. The device is always in speaker-phone mode, so no wires or uncomfortable earbuds. A state of the art directional-acoustic speaker allows only you to hear sound from your phone.

Imagine the following situation. You’re on a business trip, eating dinner in a fancy restaurant. With knife and fork in hand, you receive an incoming call. Why lose precious time putting down your utensils and picking up an ordinary cell phone? It could be your boss, or your significant other on the line. Just bend down, and speak directly into your crotch-area.

“Hello? I love you too sweetie. I’ll talk to you more after I’ve finished eating and had a long bath. Bye, kisses…”

Using the Cell Phone Belt Buckle will become second nature to you. Soon, you’ll see people on the street bending over and speaking into their crotch. Then you’ll know they’re enjoying the same increased efficiency and productivity you are.

agentmirv, May 10 2004


       text in private.
po, May 10 2004

       Will it survive a long bath?
FarmerJohn, May 10 2004

       Could get embarrasing when the vibrator goes off.
kbecker, May 10 2004


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